Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy Sewing

MSW Mom Jan asked for pattern specifics in a comment on my last post, so I thought I'd post it here along with a couple other easy patterns I've used with success.

Butterick B4803~~This is the pattern that I used to make Girl of the House the skirt in the last post. I used view E as it was the simplest and most straightforward, but I'm going to branch out into some of the more complex skirts for springtime. NOTE: I didn't use the faux drawstring because Girl 2 didn't like it. I just left the elastic waist plain, but since she never tucks things in, it didn't matter.

McCall's 2450~For making pillows. Some use a pattern; some just have instructions. I have not made any of the pillows that require the pattern, but I have made a couple using the instructions. They were easy to follow and the pillows turned out well. Quite simple to use.

Simplicity 5923~For making pajamas. I made the long pajamas pants for Girl 2. It's the hardest pattern of the three, and I admit that this one required some ripping out of stitches and trying again. :-( My powers of envisioning beforehand what's supposed to happen and how the garment goes together were stretched while making these, no doubt due to my inexperience. The instructions were just a leetle bit confusing, but the pants came together nicely after some thought.

Half Circle Skirt from Anna~Anna of Pleasant View Schoolhouse posted these directions on how to make a half-circle skirt. Her easy-to-follow instructions are written for us novices and led to my first successful attempt at sewing clothing. This skirt is fuller than the one above using the Butterick pattern and uses a drawstring waist. Girl 2 prefers this skirt, but it will not work with every kind of fabric. It's easily adaptable for all sizes. I buy three yards of fabric for five-feet-tall Girl 2 and have lots of scraps leftover. From last April:

(Not sure why that came out sideways . . .)

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