Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Decorations Part I

Last weekend we put up our tree and other decorations. Come along with me for a tour!

The center of anyone's Christmas decorations is the tree. Here's ours:

A few years ago my grandmother, who died in 2009 at the age of 96, gave me these "candles" from her own stash of Christmas decorations. This was long after she gave up elaborately decking her own halls. They are wooden and fit into tin holders. They are eight of them, and they are some of my favorite decorations!

My mother gave us our nativity set. I love the simple elegance of the gold trim on the ivory porcelain. It sits prominently on our living room mantle.

The Christmas village has all the most important establishments: a church, an Italian restaurant, a library, a theatre, a pub, a piano shop, a bakery, and a chocolate shop! We used to have a grand piano which was big enough to hold the whole shebang, but last January we traded it for a much smaller spinet. Alas, all the buildings would no longer fit. Here are a few on display this year:

I love having a banister I can do this to!

About ten or twelve years ago some dear friends gave us this copy of J.R.R. Tolkien's Letters from Father Christmas. They are actual letters that Tolkien wrote to his children in the guise of Father Christmas. The book has envelopes with facsimiles of the real letters inside relating the life and adventures of Father Christmas and the North Polar Bear and includes Tolkien's own illustrations. The thing that tickles me about this book is that even here he has included a battle with goblins! Tolkien seems unable to leave goblins out of anything, even Christmas stories!

I'll be back another day with more pictures of our festive Christmas house!


  1. How pretty! But where are all your snow globes? Oh wait... :)

  2. *Somebody* took them to her house!

    Thanks! I wish I could take pictures as well as you do, though!

  3. *lol* Well, I did mine during the day, which helped. My tree didn't look nearly as nice, though. :)


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