Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two Articles and a Funny

I have two bang-on articles to share with you today.

The first article is from Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon. He writes regarding the important education children receive at the family table, and I wholeheartedly agree, though I hadn’t thought of all the points he makes here. My family has always made it a point to eat dinner together most evenings. I am continually surprised at how few families do! We limited activities that would interfere with dinnertime, but that’s not to say we outlawed every one of them. If it was a worthy endeavor, then we’d work mealtimes around it, but the overwhelming majority of our dinners are shared as a family. And now, after reading this, I’m gladder’n’ever that we do!

The second is from the American Enterprise Institute. I am especially interested in it because the subject of the article, Prof. Patrick Allitt of Emory University, is also one of the lecturers in the Teaching Co.’s US history course Girl 2 used in high school. He was very knowledgeable and engaging, and after reading this article, I’m sure he’s even more so in person. Also, I relate to his lament; I see some of the same complaints from my own students, who are junior and senior high school age. I am strengthened in my resolve with my remaining homeschooled child and my students to stick to my persnickety ways!

And now on a similar note~~a funny here.

Picture courtesy of allposters. com (Florence Cope Saying Grace at Dinnertime by Charles West Cope)

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