Saturday, January 23, 2010


Man of the House and I are in the midst of watching Cranford based on books by 19th century author Elizabeth Gaskell. Why am I just now seeing this wonderful mini-series?! Released in 2007, it comprises five episodes of about an hour each. The first disc, which we got from Netflix, has the first three episodes, and now I’m dying to get disc 2 to see how everything ends! It is delightful and witty but also tragic. No, I did not watch the surgery scene. Man of the House tells me it wasn’t very graphic, but I took no chances! No, sirree! The cast if full of familiar faces (if BBC and such is your usual viewing fare). This is probably the best thing I’ve seen since a friend told me about Miss Potter a couple years ago.

And look! The sequel, Return to Cranford, is available to view online here until Feb. 16! So get thee to a video store to watch the original, and then take advantage of the online viewing before it’s too late.

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