Tuesday, November 22, 2016

This Week

Autumn has finally arrived.  After unusually warm weather for weeks, it turned cold on Friday and has stayed cold.  We've even had a couple frosts.  That means my flowers are no more.  I'm always a bit sad when that happens but also a teeny bit relieved.  No more weeds!

This is the last flower from the garden.  Zinnias are so hardy, and this little one hung on through the frost, but I picked it and put it in one of the Belleek vases Dave gave me for my birthday.  So sweet!

It did this today~

So Dave did this~ 

The first fire of the season!  It drove the cold and damp away!

I have made good progress with the Christmas shopping already.  Every year I tell myself I'm going to get ahead, but I've never managed it.  I'm pretty pleased with what I've accomplished this year so far.  Today, I started wrapping~


In other news, the girls and I made these turkeys~

They look rather Picasso-esqe, don't you think?

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