Sunday, October 2, 2016

This Week

Whatever happened to my good intentions to post more than once a week??  Here it is Sunday again, and I've not blogged since last Sunday!  I will keep trying . . .

This past week Dave and I took my mother-in-law to two doctor appointments.  With her increasing dementia, having both of us along is very helpful.  It takes one to drive and park the car and the other to point her in the right direction and make sure she doesn't ditch her walker and oxygen. She is happy, cheerful, and despite what I just said, cooperative, all of which are great blessings for us all.  She reminds me of Martha Washington and her resolution always to be cheerful no matter what the circumstances.

Autumn is really here now with cooler temperatures, less sunlight, and my nesting instincts kicking in.  Do you feel that too?  That as soon as it begins to get chilly, suddenly you need to cook, clean, and light candles?  I don't know why I'm drawn to home and homemaking more than ever during this time of year, but I am.  It's time to think about and plan for soups and stews, jackets and flannel sheets, warm socks and sweaters.  How about you?

We took our granddaughters to Lloyd's Pumpkin Patch yesterday and had a wonderful time.  It was our first time to visit and we were so impressed!  Admission was very reasonable and there were so many fun things for the children to do.  Arane wasn't too sure it sounded like something she wanted to do, but when it came time to go, she didn't want to leave.  Here are some highlights~

Riding the barrel train

Inside the hay bale house and entering the maze

Arane loves to climb!  Thankfully, there were lots of things there for her to climb on.

The corn box (like a sand box, except filled with
corn instead of sand) was a big hit with both girls.

This goat stayed there the whole time we were visiting.

Watching the ducks

Arane climbing up to the slide

Verity in the pumpkin patch

Gathering eggs

At the entrance

Plus so much more!  The weather was perfect, too.  I think we made some happy memories yesterday!

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