Friday, August 19, 2016

This Week in Preschool

I've been enjoying Friday morning preschool with my granddaughters ever since they moved nearby in March.  I used to teach preschool and it's been fun getting my preschool teacher persona out and dusted off every week.

This morning, we began the day by dropping colored vinegar into pans of baking soda.  The girls loved it!  Look at the concentration on those little faces!  They stayed with it for an hour.

My son-in-law the chemist, who works from home, came by at one point and said with a smile, "Leave it to Grandma to turn science into art."  :)

Later, Arane did a couple math pages.  I'm not a big fan of worksheets for preschoolers, but these are really more like activity pages.  I found them at The Measured Mom's fabulous website.  Arane really seems to enjoy doing these.

Then we all three sat on the couch while I read aloud some nursery rhymes, illustrated by my beloved Eloise Wilkin, which included singing some of them, of course.  Call me old-fashioned (Please do~I'll consider it a compliment!), but I believe in nursery rhymes and singing.  

Then I read a chapter from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House in the Big Woods.  I began it two weeks ago when the little ones spent the night at my house, and when I asked if they would like to continue today, they were enthusiastic.  I'm reading to them from my own crumbling copy, which brings back a flood of memories.  How I loved those books as a child!  I still do, truth be told, and was happy to read them to both my daughters many times as they were growing up.  I still have a fondness for pioneer stories!

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