Sunday, June 26, 2016

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ June 26, 2016

Hi, all!  Last week Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter suggested we share about our gardening efforts, but I was on the road and missed it, alas.  So I'm going to talk gardening this week and tell about our road trip (big happenings there!) next week.  Here goes . . .

{Pretty} and {Happy}

I'm going to share close-ups of some of my favorites from the flower garden because evidently I don't know the first thing about taking pictures of gardens.  All the photos are washed out and boring.  But lookee at these daisies!  It's a perennial I planted last year and got two blooms from.  This year the plant came back gangbusters and has produced dozens of blooms!

Another perennial from last year that has done wonderfully well this year are these dahlias.  So beautiful!

I planted three barrels of these gorgeous, delicately colored geraniums and they are stunning and they bloom profusely!

In addition, the zinnias have just started to bloom, the lavender from last year is doing very well, and the annuals I planted to fill in holes are also in good shape.  The gladiolus foliage looks good so far and hopefully will produce lots of flowers like last year.  I hope within three or four years to have this bed consist entirely of perennials with maybe an occasional annual where needed.

Aaaaaand even though I shared these in May and the allium is over for the year, I just have to show you again because they are make me so ridiculously happy.

Now for just a few quickies of the vegetable garden~

Tomatoes and, in the background, beans just getting started.  The tomato stakes
aren't at such a drunken angle in real life, despite how they look here . . .

We also have cucumbers, carrots, and a field pumpkin, though I didn't get any pictures, for some reason.  We are heavy on tomatoes and green beans this year.


My sweet little granddaughter Verity so proudly handed these "flowers" to me when she was visiting with her family.  That eager approach, happy grin, and chubby fist just melt my heart!  This gift is more precious to me than anything blooming in my garden.


The pepper plants and about a third of the bean plants were ravaged by deer the very night before Dave and I planned to finish the fence around the garden.  Grrrrr!

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