Sunday, June 7, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~June 7, 2015

Hello, there!  I did not mean to disappear last week, but it's the way things fell out.  I'm glad to be joining Rosie at Like Mother, Like Daughter for {phfr} this week.


Masses of vivid, multi-colored geraniums at the local nursery.  I wished I could have rolled up the entire greenhouse and taken it home.  Gorgeous!


I recently used my pressure canner for the first time since we moved here last summer.  I made vegetable beef soup from a leftover pot roast plus a few odds and ends.  It's thrifty and tasty, a good combination!  I love having jars of homemade soup on hand for busy days.  Our garden is in full swing now, and if all goes as planned, I will have veggies to can this summer.  Since this is our first year of gardening at this location, the soil is not great, so I'm trying not to get my expectations too high.  We shall see . . .


I have wanted to do a fairy garden for the past four summers but, for one reason or another, just never managed to actually get it done.  Well, I finally did yesterday, and I love it!

I bought the miniatures at Jo-Ann (40% or 50% off~ I can't remember which), the asparagus fern at the nursery for $2, and the rest I scrounged.  I dug up some of the copious moss in our lawn and used a couple small impatiens I planted from seed.  I had saved the rocks that we weeded out of the garden all spring and used those for the walkway.  The big rock came from the garden too.  The soil and wagon we already had on hand. The wagon is really Hannah's from when she was a little girl and would take her dolls for rides in it. She hasn't used it for many years, though, so I "borrowed" it.  Dave drilled holes for drainage. So, all told I spent less than $20.  I think my fairy garden is sweet and whimsical!


As I was passing through my bedroom, I glanced out the window and was greeted with this sight:

A flying lesson!  The fledglings did not seem eager to begin.  Two adult birds flew from branch to branch, twittering.  "See?  You just do it like this.  It's easy!  C'mon and give it a try!"  I never did see the little birds attempting to fly, but I suspect they eventually screwed up their courage and tried.  


This is the result of a scuffle with an uncooperative horse.  The horse won.

Dave says the falling didn't hurt, but the landing did.  He's got an immobilizing splint and an upcoming x-ray to determine if it's broken or just sprained.  Either way, it looks nasty and feels worse!

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