Sunday, March 29, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ March 29, 2015

Joining the fun at Like Mother, Like Daughter . . .  I'm a little short on pictures this week, but I've scrounged enough to give it a go.


We often find animal tracks in the yard and by the pond, but we don't often see these shy critters, especially in the daytime:


I have an internet friend who shares many of my interests.  We've "known" each other for over a decade but had never met in person until three summers ago, and then I had the fun of hosting her for a night's stay two summers ago.  I was delighted one day last week to open the mailbox to find a package from her!  Here's what was inside:

She says in her card that her mother made two of these sweet tea cozies, one for herself and one for her daughter (my friend).  When her mother passed away, my friend inherited her mother's too and she decided to send it to me.  She knows I'm a tea drinker. :)  The little soaps are the result of a conversation we had once about soap dishes.  Yes, soap dishes! lol  I have a very pretty blue transferware soap dish that I hate to put big bars of soap in because then the pattern is covered up.  My friend has the same problem with her pretty soap dish and which she solves by using little bars of soap.  So sensible.  So she sent these along to me.  Wasn't that thoughtful?  And is there anything happier than receiving a package unexpectedly in the mail?


The critters who live on this land and in the pond are a never-ending source of amusement for us.  The turtles have been enjoying sunning themselves on the logs in our pond, and we find it intriguing and entertaining how they line themselves up all facing in the same direction, like a rank of soldiers, with their heads stretched upward.  There will be three dozen of them out there on any given day, all lined up like this.  I wonder how they manage to get themselves organized . . .

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