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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ March 1, 2015

All Too {Real}

First, let's start with the snow that came down yesterday and overnight and into this morning.  Normally, I like snow and enjoy winter, but once the calendar turns to March, I want it over presto.  No more snow and I want temperatures at least in the 50's for the highs.  It's an unreasonable expectation, I know, but there it is.  Happily, this snow is not going to last long and we will be getting temps in the 50's by Tuesday.  (I know I shouldn't be complaining at all when we've gotten off pretty easily this year, especially compared to the Northeast!)

This is about an hour after the snow started.

And this is the view from our screened-in porch.  It reminds us of stepping through Lucy's wardrobe. We joke that we ought to put a lamppost back there.


I teach music classes for The Potter's School.  I almost always manage to get my schoolwork done on weekdays so weekends are free, but circumstances conspired against me this week, and I was doing class prep on Saturday.  Alas and alack!

Once again, shame on me for complaining.  I love teaching for TPS, and I feel like I'm doing my part to transmit the treasures of Western civilization to the next generation.  I am acutely aware of the blessings of working for TPS and all that it entails, and I am thankful they keep me on year after year!


Or perhaps {mildly amusing} is a better description.

The pond has been frozen over on and off all winter.  When it's frozen, the geese go elsewhere, presumably to someplace warmer and with open water.  So I was surprised to see them walking through the yard today, clearly perturbed that the pond was iced over.  But they left funny little footprints in the snow.

They walked all the way up to the deck.  I'm sure they would have lodged a
formal complaint if they could have found anyone to tell.


I like to sew, though I'm not very good at it yet.  I've never taken a class.  Mostly I succeed because I can follow instructions and I know how to find things on Youtube when I am truly stumped (like the time the instructions said to "stay-stitch" something~ I had no idea).  But I like fabric and I like making pretty and useful things out of little more than a piece of cloth and some thread.  I like the process and the way the item begins to take shape.  I remember sewing a doll dress several years ago~ one of the first things I ever made~ and being so excited when it actually began to look like a dress!  It was then that I knew I could learn this.  The time I spend sewing is restorative and relaxing.  I ought to try to make time for more of it!

Right now, I'm making a baby bonnet for my six-month-old granddaughter, Verity, following these instructions.  The fabric came from the scrap bag and I already had the interfacing, so it is essentially free.  

I'm at the point of sewing the pieces together, and so far, it is coming together pretty quickly and easily.  If it turns out well, I'll probably make a couple more in different colors.  Is there anything sweeter than a baby in a bonnet?  I don't think so!


Okay, so I will reluctantly admit that the snow is pretty, even if it is March 1!


Visit Like Mother, Like Daughter for more {phfr}!


  1. Aww, that baby bonnet will be adorable! Next up, take those scraps and stitch up a matching little quilt! But beware, once the quilting bug strikes, it's grip is very strong! :-) Have a blessed and warm week!

  2. I have made one quilt for our full-size bed, which I enjoyed! It's just a scrap quilt made of all squares, but I did it on my own, so I had to keep it simple. I'm contemplating making another for the guestroom bed. It is a lot of fun!


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