Sunday, February 8, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ February 8, 2015

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Want to see my new terrarium?


I had a terrarium when I was a teenager, and when I saw some on the web recently-ish, I wanted another.  But naturally I didn't want to spend much money.  I managed to scrounge everything but the plants themselves, so I was pretty happy.  I found this glass container in the storeroom (it was my in-laws').  Perfect!  I had to try several stores before I found two different kinds of succulents~ I guess they are in high demand now~ for a total of $8.  There was (never used) aquarium gravel in the storeroom too.  That storeroom is a treasure trove!  I got some moss out of the yard, and also a big rock (which you can't see in the picture).  I always have potting soil on hand.  A piece fell off the big plant when I was handling it, so I found this little pot and the little dish it's sitting on in the~ where else?~ storeroom!

Is it a sign that I lack personal depth that doing little things like this disproportionately boosts my spirits during the most dreary month of the year?

The big rock from the yard and also a piece
of coral from~ you guessed it~ the storeroom!


February is a dreary month, except our family celebrates two birthdays.  First up was Hannah's, and it was a big one.  She turned 18!

Blurry picture, cute smile!


For all the dire predictions that this winter was going to be like the last one, it has in reality been warm and decidedly, conspicuously non-snowy.  Granted, last year we were in northern Illinois and now we are in central Missouri, but predictions of direness were being made for here.  Behold the snow we received this week, which is indicative of the amount of snow we have received a total of three times so far:

Pretty ho-hum, but the birds were very active at the feeders.


The snow was Wednesday.  By Thursday it was melted, and by the weekend we had highs of 70.  Dave and I took advantage of the warm days to take a walk on the Katy Trail.  We weren't the only ones:

Minnie needed a little rest before she resumed looking for her owner.

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