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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ February 15, 2014

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{Pretty} and {Happy}

It's all {pretty} and {happy} this time!

Lots of sickness in the family this week.  First Dave, now Hannah.  Hopefully, I will be spared!  Dave managed enough energy and lucid thought to help me hang the new curtains in the entryway.  I don't know how many curtains he's hung for me over twenty-seven years of marriage (dozens, I'm sure!), but he always does it cheerfully.  He's gotten very good at it too!

The space is so small that I couldn't get a shot of the entire window.  I was standing as far away as I could!  The curtains are about six feet long.  All I did was sew up the top and bottom and left the selvages on the sides as they were.  Then I added some clips and there you have it!  The world's easiest curtains!  I'm pleased with the way the orangey-red in the fabric matches the door and also with the shot of color they give to this otherwise white space.  


These are not Valentine's Day flowers.  Dave brought them to Hannah and me the day before because . . . ?  I don't really know why.  Maybe he read this post?  Nevertheless, they are much appreciated!  They are a welcome foretaste of spring, especially when a big snowstorm is headed our way.

Valentines' Day is not a big deal around here, nor has it ever been.  It's not that we are against romance, but it feels to us like something Hallmark and florists invented to sell their stuff.  I mean, very few people seem to realize anymore that it is actually Saint Valentine's Day, and it seems to us that a lot of thoughtful acts throughout the year make for a far better marriage than a grand annual gesture.  So we exchange a little candy (or in Dave's case, beef jerky) and that's it.  It's how we like it. :)


Morning and evening light is the best, isn't it?  What isn't enhanced by being doused in the sparkling morning light or the mellow light of evening?  I can never decide which I like best.  I took these one bright, sunshiney morning.

Even the dishwasher is more appealing in the early morning light!

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