Sunday, August 31, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ August 31, 2014

We are all waiting with eager anticipation for the second grandchild to make her appearance.  It's a special kind of anticipation that doesn't happen very often.  Hopefully, I'll have pictures to share next week!


Sometimes, it's just Man of the House and I for supper and then we eat at this little table for two by the window.  The table and chairs belonged to his grandparents and then his parents and are of a very good quality.  The blue and white china sets off the wood tones beautifully . . . or maybe it's the other way around.  Either way, the dishes and furniture seem made for each other, don't they?  This day, we were having a simple meal of good ol' bangers and mashed and a plain vegetable.  This kind of meal is among our favorites.  We are hobbits at heart and like plain food and plenty of it.  (Yes, we had leftovers! :) )


We are mostly settled in our new house, but there are still quite a few jobs needing to be done that have little to do with the livability of the house but everything to do with its aesthetics and homeyness.  One of them was attaching the headboard on our bed.  It's a stinker to attach, but Dave came up with a better solution than we had before, and voila!  It makes the bed and even the room feel more finished. 

Yes, the walls are  . .  orange.  I'm getting used to it and I'm not sure I'd want to change it even if we could.  It is bright and sunny, which I think we'll be glad for this winter.  The bathroom, on the other hand, is even brighter and more intense than this.  I will show it to you someday.


This is too real for me!  You see before you a picture of a snake--yes, a snake!--that got into the house nobody knows how for sure.  Dave thinks it came in on his shoes after a sunset trip to the compost pile, which is likely.  The little fellow was about six inches long, approximately half as round as a pencil, and had a red ring around his neck.  We looked it up and found out that he is a northern ring-necked snake. Dave removed him to the outside post haste, where he definitely belonged and was glad to get back to.  

I apologize for the poor picture quality.  The snake was moving fast, Dave was waiting with the dustpan, and I didn't have time to adjust my camera settings or focus or anything.  The floor is really a dark gray slate, though you would never guess it from this picture.

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