Sunday, March 16, 2014

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ March 16, 2014

Let's just dive right in, shall we?


I took this through the kitchen window.  I had to or Birdie would have flown away!

The robins have returned, whole fat flocks of them.  The first winter we lived here, I didn't even notice they were gone until they returned in the spring.  I'd never lived in a place before where the robins left and I was glad to see them back.  I'm grateful to hear their song again!

This little fellow (gal?) sat on a rock and looked around for the longest time.  Robins are such sweet birds and I'm happy to see them in the yard again.


I started the tomato seeds yesterday.  That's a sure sign of spring!  I hope they "take" this year.  Last year, they didn't, so we had to buy some seedlings from the nursery, which is not as frugal or satisfying.  We started 24 to allow for some misfires.  We want about 16 in the end.  Gardening season will soon be in full swing!


The snow is melted (except for the great mountains the snow plows made) and we had a day or two in the low 50's, so I wandered out to the garden beds, which I hadn't visited in months, to see how things were. This is what I found:

I know not whence they came or to whom they belonged.  They were just sticking halfway out of one of the gardens.  I keep thinking some little boy with a hole in his pocket passed by on his way home from school and forever lost two of his treasures. 


I have no reason to post this in the {real} category.  I just want to include it and I don't have another photo for {real}. :)  Hannah likes to concoct in the kitchen.  Here, she is making delicious soup mostly out of odds and ends. :)

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