Sunday, September 1, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ September 1, 2013

It's September!  Hurray!  August is usually so sweltering that I'm always glad to see September, but this year August has been terrific.  I can't remember a more beautiful summer.  We have had a mere two weeks of 90+ temperatures, and usually the weather's been moderate enough to keep the windows open.  Now that's my idea of summer!


We planted a whole row of sunflowers last spring, but alas, only one survived.  I am impressed by its enormity!  I've not really been a fan of sunflowers in the past, but I'm a believer now.  They burst on the late summer scene with huge, cheerful, irresistible flowers.  Here it is opening~

And here it is a day later~

There is almost always a fat bumble bee flitting about.

Look at the size of the stem!


We hosted a church-wide picnic last Sunday (hence no {phfr} post last week) in which corn hole~ or bean bag, as it's known around here despite the fact that the bags are usually full of corn and not beans~ played a significant role.  Lots of happy people engaging in some good, clean fun.


Notice anything odd about this card?

I bought a box of all-occasion cards a couple weeks ago at the local printer's shop, which also carries a small stock of Christian-themed items.  In that box were several of the cards you see above.  The funny thing is, that's not the Lord's Prayer that is printed!  And if  you look inside, you see this~

Notice at the bottom, it says "Psalm 23."  Seems to me that someone somewhere sometime would have caught the discrepancy before a bunch were printed!  (These were printed by a different company than the printer's shop where we bought them.  I would not want to besmirch their good name by laying the blame at their innocent feet.)

{More Pretty}

Hannah and I painted her room this week, aided and abetted by her father, who moved things in and out for us.  We had promised her we could do it this summer, and so it was paint this week or break our promise. She's making a new quilt for her bed, so we took a swatch of fabric to the farm supply store and matched the paint to it. Hannah likes to wear hats and she owns many pretty ones, some of which we were always worrying about getting smashed in inadequate storage.  Then she saw this idea on Pinterest.  It was fun and economical, so we went to the local thrift shop and bought the biggest frame we could find.  We took out the glass and the ugly picture and Hannah painted the frame.  Only five of her hats would fit, but they were the most likely to suffer damage if left lying about.  Now they are safe and decorative!

See this nice, vintage-y thing she has going on here?  

I'll post more pictures when the entire room re-do is completed.

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  1. Oh, I love Hannah's hats. What a fantastic idea! I also loved seeing your sunflower. They are so cheerful.

    It has been a cool and rainy summer in Virginia, too. What a lovely time it has been. Fall is my favorite season and while I was sad that our summer vacation came to an end, I was happy to see September 1st on my calendar yesterday. :)

    Happy School Beginnings at your house.

    1. Thanks! :) I can never decide if fall or spring is my favorite. When it's fall, I think I like it best, but then spring rolls around and then I like it best. I can never decide.


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