Sunday, March 24, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ March 24, 2013

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On Monday, the dark, heavy sky began to clear in the west just as the sun was going down, creating unusual light amidst the gloom~

Hannah is getting a new skirt, hopefully in time for Easter.  This introverted girl has a strong preference for extroverted clothes! 
My first great-niece (great-anything, for that matter) was born on Friday.  What a sweet little potato!  I can't wait to meet her when we visit in June!
Our new phonebook arrived this week.  It covers two towns, ours and a nearby. . . ahem . . .  metropolis.  We chuckled at its extreme diminutiveness.  (But we really do like it here.)


Here is what our strawberry plants looked like after spending the winter under a thick layer of straw~

They don't look too promising, do they?  There is still some green there, so we are hopeful they will bounce back.  And after all, what would you look like if you'd just spent a cold winter outdoors with nothing but straw to keep you warm?

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  1. Your great nice is so adorable. Isn't it fun to be a "great" now?

    I like the fabric you chose and hope you are happy with the skirt you were making for Hannah for Easter. The colors remind me of chocolate and Easter eggs - quite festive.

    Karen A.


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