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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ March 10, 2013

Joining Like Mother, Like Daughter again this week . . .


It snowed this week.  Humph.  Snow in March shouldn't be allowed.  I am waiting for snowdrops, for crocuses, for daffodils!  Instead, what we got was this:


Isn't he cute?

I have to admit, the snow was pretty!


Dave planted our tomato seeds yesterday.  Last year, not being familiar with spring in northern Illinois, we planted them a bit early.  They turned out fine~ in fact, we were really pleased~ but we opted to wait a couple extra weeks this time.  Seedlings in peat pots on our counter under the grow light is a sure sign of impending spring!


A week ago Saturday was a sad day at our house.  It was the day when we ate the very last of our homegrown tomato sauce and green beans.  It's back to store-bought for the next several months . . .


I knew this day would come eventually. I managed to get through high school and college without having to dissect even a little bit. Elizabeth was also not required to dissect in her high school science studies. But Hannah is taking biology through The Potter's School and, alas, she is required to dissect, a worm for starters. The various animals~ frog, crayfish, grasshopper, perch, starfish, and the said worm~ came preserved and vacuum-packed in plastic along with a dissection kit. The things one can send through the US Postal Service! It's a good thing Hannah is not squeamish. In fact, she enjoyed it!


  1. We're a ahead of you with spring weather (though we once had a light snowfall in mid-March!) so I've got my seedings going under grow lights, too. I'm trying tomatoes for the first time. In the past I've grown only flowers as vegetables are usually plentiful and inexpensive here in the summer, but I'm trying a couple things I can't find here: cherry tomatoes, golden beets.

    Kristen liked doing the biology bisections, too and is looking forward to the anatomy bisections later this year (fetal pig, eyeball, etc.) Her sweet brother brought them to her at Christmas : ) Dissections are one of the things that helped steer her toward a desire to be a nurse, and she likes the idea of being a surgical nurse--a least she can watch!

  2. I remember dissections when I took biology in high school: the critters came in huge barrels of formaldehyde that sat in the science teachers' shared cubby - and stank. It was the smell, more than anything, that turned my stomach. I always regretted that, because it was interesting when it wasn't turning my stomach. ;-)

  3. I always think it's funny that I can gut a fish for dinner but don't like the idea of dissection! lol


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