Sunday, September 16, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ September 16, 2012

Fall arrived at home while I was 500 miles away visiting Sweet Pea and her parents.  Cool nights, warm~ but not hot~ days.  Glorious!

{Pretty} and {Happy}

These two categories are mixed together for me this week.  Pretty things make me happy!

Here are Girl Out of the House, That Boy, and Sweet Pea on my last day with them.  They are pretty (well, That Boy is handsome . . . lol) and so happy together!  And I was happy to spend time with them!

In garden news, I picked gourds, mini pumpkins, squash, and cucumbers today.  I planted gourds and mini pumpkins to decorate for Fall with.  I hate spending money on them at the store!  So I planted four gourd seeds and two mini pumpkins and lookee at all I got!  And that's not all!  I picked quite a few before we left and picked some more to take to Girl 1.  And there are more to come!  I'm so pleased with how this went, especially for a first try. 

I think these big green gourds may be the kind that can be dried out to use as bird houses.  Does anyone know?  I thought they would be mini, but some of them are huge! 


The cat thinks the bassinet is for him . . .


So one of the squashes has some orange-y discoloration.  See it in the back on the one on the left?  Some of those I previously picked and stored are developing it too, though this is the first one I've picked with it already present.  Any ideas what this is and what I should do about it, if anything?

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  1. You're little granddaughter is a sweet pea! What a cutie. I can imagine that you had a lovely two weeks with her.

    Nice job on the gourds! I've wanted to try those but haven't yet managed it, what with our dry summers and me be away every other one. My mom bought a large bowl in Africa which was made from half a gourd--I'd love one of those.


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