Sunday, August 5, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ August 5, 2012

Time for {phfr} again!


Last spring, Girl of the House asked for her own flower garden.  I have always tried to interest both our girls in flower gardening.  They both had little patches of ground at our old house, but they had definitely lost interest, so I was thrilled when Girl 2 wanted to try again.  Her garden is doing great!  She's doing a fantastic job keeping it weeded and watered, and look how everything is thriving!


Our vegetable gardens are flourishing, which makes us very happy.  I wrote a post about it a couple days ago.  It's hard to keep up with it!

I am just a little bit proud of these tomatoes.  I grew them from seed, which I am told is rather difficult to do.  It's either beginner's luck or not knowing better than to try, so I just did it and it all worked out somehow.  Oh, and the advice from our friend the farmer helped also.


The squashes and cucumbers (in one bed) and the gourds (in another with the sweet potatoes which have been totally lost and swallowed up) have outgrown their allotted space and spilled over onto the lawn.  We are surprised by this development because in Appalachia, this was never a problem.  Nothing ever grew to the enormous size you see here.  It's the rich, black soil enhanced by horse manure, I'm sure.  We'll have to have another plan for next year . . .

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