Sunday, July 8, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ July 8, 2012

Whew!  June blew by in a whirlwind!  First, our grandbaby was born.  I think I mentioned that once or twice.  Second, there was a death in the family which necessitated an unplanned trip to another state.  This person's passing was not unexpected, but his absence will leave a big hole.  After that, we attended The American Association of Lutheran Churches national convention in St. Louis.  The convention was sandwiched between visits to familial units from both sides.  And now we are blessedly home.


The garden is growing great guns and promises much bounty, but so far, the only thing we've actually eaten is peas.  (Which, by the way, are far, far yummier than frozen or canned!)  But lookee!  Our first pepper!  It was about four or five inches long and has since departed this life for the next, having been sacrificed on the altar of the salad god.  Nil desperandum~ there are plenty more coming!


Girl of the House spent a happy two days reorganizing and reshelving her books along the lines of the Dewey Decimal System.  She even culled a few to be listed on Paperback Swap.  It's rare for Girl of the House to give up a book, but shelf space is not unlimited.  To Girl of the House, happiness is an orderly personal library!


I had determined not to post any pictures of our totally adorable and engrossing grandchild this week, but Girl Out of the House sent us a new batch of photos, and one of them was too funny not to share.  Even the cutest babies can take less-than-flattering pictures once in awhile!

Join Leila at Like Mother, Like Daughter for more {phfr}!


  1. Just love that baby picture, Martha! Too funny!

  2. Well, I feel like I've seen that baby before :) Still just as adorable and googly-eyed as ever! It's the bear that's getting to the little one :)

  3. Keep the baby pictures coming, Martha :)


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