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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}~ July 29, 2012

I didn't even know what the date was today.  That's how fast and how crazy this month has been!  I've lost complete track of time.  I know it's Sunday because we had church this morning, but can July really be almost over??


Man of the House and I attended the CiRCE conference in Louisville, KY, last week.  It was fabulous as expected!  If you want your children to be educated for more than making money and living as a faceless, soulless cog in a vast economic machine~ in other words, you want them steeped in the Good, the True, and the Beautiful~ in other words, you want them educated for liberty~ then you need to be friends of the CiRCE Institute.  More on that later.  After the conference Girl Out of the House and That Boy met us in Louisville to make me back to Appalachia for a visit with them and the Most Adorable Baby Ever.  When we visited when said baby was born and at the request of Girl 1, I fixed up embroidery hoops with fabric so they could be arranged on the nursery wall in attractive fashion.  Except that what with a new baby and all, the busy and exhausted parents hadn't had time to get them hung up.  So Girl 1 and I did it while I was there.  We used the same Classic Pooh fabric that Girl 2 used in her quilt and I used in the wreath.  Didn't it turn out swell?

And here's the new mommy and baby.  Aren't they both lovely?


Here's the Most Adorable Baby Ever happily intrigued by some black and white shapes Girl 1 posted in her playpen.  (Sorry about the blurry pictures.  That's the only kind my camera would take that day.)


When Man of the House and I went to the CiRCE conference, we met about 30 women from a classical homeschooling email group I have belonged to for eleven years and he has belonged to off and on for twelve.  It was fun to meet so many people in person who I had previously known only online.  This picture is of all of us at the Paideia Prize banquet.  And who is that grey-haired man sitting in the front row?  Why, it's Wendell Berry!  He was awarded the 2012 Paideia Prize and after his acceptance speech he agreed to come over and meet all these crazy women who had come from all over the country to hear him.  So, here we are are, a bunch of supposedly serious, respectable homeschool moms, going ga-ga over a 77-year-old author like we were teeny boppers waiting backstage for David Cassidy.  You should have seen us.  We were quite a sight.


While we were at the aforementioned conference, the roof blew off the hotel, or one wing of it anyway.  Lots of people had to be moved to a different hotel and our festivities were over for the night.  Man of the House and I were thankfully mostly unaffected since we were staying somewhere else.  (The link is much better than my picture.)

More {phfr} at Leila's!


  1. She's a BEAUTIFUL baby!

    And we were pretty giddy over Mr Berry, weren't we? What a treat for him to come take a photo with us. Wasn't that just so gracious.

    It was wonderful to meet you and hubby!

  2. Thanks, Kerry! She is pretty cute, isn't she? I really enjoyed meeting you too! I didn't get the chance to tell you that you remind me of Julie Andrews. Lovely!


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