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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ May 19, 2012

We had a rough time at our house this week.  I had (and still have) the mother of all colds, and as we all know, if Mom is down for the count, things just don't go as smoothly.  I'm feeling much better today, but I'm looking forward to having my voice back at full volume!  Man of the House made many extra trips to the hospital to visit a critically ill parishioner whose time on earth was coming to a close, or so we thought.  He has improved over the past day and is being transferred to a bigger hospital.  On top of everything, Girl of the House's dance recital is tomorrow with the dress rehearsal this morning~too early on a Saturday morning when we all just wanted to sleep!  But there have been blessings as well, such as . . .


Look at all that lovely beef!  We bought a freezer last month in anticipation of buying a quarter of beef.  We picked the meat up yesterday, and look how pretty it is!  Now don't tell me that isn't a pretty sight; it is!  And the price was excellent too.  (There is also some marked-down pork that I bought at the store.  The beef is nicely wrapped in white paper.)  We have cuts of beef, such as T-bone steaks, that we have never, ever bought before, so we'll have to figure out the best way to cook them.  In the bottom basket is the humbler ground beef and hamburger patties that are regular fare for us.  Next, we'll buy a large quantity of pork.  Yum!


A few weeks ago, Girl of the House expressed an interest in learning the viola. Since Man of the House is an accomplished cellist, violist, and violinist, he can teach her, so the only expense was the viola itself and a book. The viola arrived this week. Girl 2 is already making nice, full sounds ~ not screechy at all. ;-)

Here's my second attempt at growing lettuce indoors.  I'd really like to master the knack so we can have fresh lettuce year around.  My first attempt didn't go so well. :-(  But this time we have a grow light mounted under a kitchen cabinet.  Hopefully the lettuce will do better.  It's also a great place to start cucumbers, winter squash, mini-pumpkins and gourds!

Under the grow light . . .

One housekeeping job I really enjoy is changing the sheets each fall and spring. I mean, changing from flannel to percale in the spring and from percale to flannel in the fall; I wash our sheets each week. I don't mean that kind of changing! lol When the flannel sheets go on, so do extra blankets. I love cozying up the bed for cold nights. Then when the percale set goes on, off come the extra blankets. It feels so light and fresh for the warm months!


We planted three dwarf apple trees this spring, but alas, one has died.  At least it was guaranteed and should be replaced by the nursery.

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  1. Your daughter looks very happy with her new instrument - wonderful to have two musicians in the family.

    All your meat - planning ahead - good for you!

    1. I was much more successful with seedlings once I started using grow lights. I hope your lettuce does well! And, so lovely that you will have another strings player in the home. I miss it. I'll miss Andrew but his drums in the house, not so much! Kristen is a pianist who plays often, so that is nice.


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