Sunday, March 25, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ March 25, 2012

I'm back from my unexpected absence and joining Leila and Rosie with a {phfr} post. Lots to catch up on . . .


Remember all those bulbs Girl of the House and I planted in the fall? They are up and lookiong gorgeous!

This is what I see from my window over the kitchen sink. It was looking winter-weary, but I cleaned it up this week and it's much prettier now, even in the rain.


We've been having phenomenal weather for March! Man of the House broke out the grill last Sunday, which made us all very happy.

We're so high class we even use Spode when we bar-b-que!


Farmer John brought us a big load of beautiful dirt for our raised garden beds, only we didn't have all the beds put together yet. No matter. He and Man of the House just moved the frames around as needed and shoveled the dirt in. So now there are mounds of dirt temporarily in our yard. Looking out the window this week, the thought struck me that they look like graves!


Man of the House broke a pipe not long ago, so he bought a replacement. It looks nifty, but it's no good for actually smoking a little Longbottom Leaf. So back it's going back whence it came. Alas.


  1. Oh - so pretty - and so green. My tulips aren't even pushing their way out of the ground yet. :-(

    1. Blooming bulbs are way up there on my spring happy list. So far I have narcissus (very fragrant) blooming, and the rananculus will soon follow. I hope to plant more bulbs this fall.

  2. Yes, even in the rain, it's pretty!


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