Sunday, March 11, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ March 11, 2012

Whew! Here I am at last! I bet you all were wondering about me, right? lol This has been a fast-paced weekend~ much faster than I like, but it couldn't be helped this time. But in light of it being Sunday night and I'd really like some downtime, I'm going to post a few pictures with little commentary. Enjoy!

{Pretty} and {Happy}

{Pretty} things usually make me {happy}. The snowdrops I planted last fall have come up, and guess what! There are crocuses, too, planted by someone who came before me. What a nice surprise, especially since I didn't plant any myself!


This is what the front garden looked like before Man of the House and I raked it yesterday. Ahem . . . It's much better now!

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