Thursday, December 8, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ December 8, 2011

Since there was no {phfr} on Thanksgiving and I totally missed last week, I have a lot of pictures to share. Let's dive right in!


This counts as {real} too because I wanted these to bloom over Christmas and they've been blooming for a week now. I followed the instructions on the box, but I guess the bulb hadn't read them because the flowers appeared much earlier than they were supposed to. Early or not, aren't they gorgeous? I love they way the perk up this room!


Lots of {happy} this week! Over Thanksgiving we visited Man of the House's parents, and Girl of the House was finally able to give them a present she had intended for last Christmas. Alas, her illness prevented her from finishing it on time, but G'ma and G'pa thought it was worth the wait! Didn't Girl 2 do a great job? We got the idea for the color scheme from a quilt we saw at an antique store. We knew it was just the thing to help keep the grandparents warm in winter.

Remember my apple-eating squirrel? He's still around though the apples have long been gone. I've been feeding him corn I gleaned from Farmer John's fields the day he took us on his combine. I sneaked up on Squirrel Nutkin one morning and got some good shots of him enjoying his corn. I like to see him frolicking (that is the perfect word for what he does!) in our backyard. I'm happy he's still around!

Girl of the House cooks supper twice a week, something which makes me happy even though I enjoy cooking. Tonight she made individual pot pies from leftover turkey in our new Fiestaware bowls. We always stop at a particular antique/crafts shop when we visit Man of the House's parents, and normally we are shopping for Fiestaware for Girl Out of the House, but Man of the House convinced me that these bowls would be perfect for pot pies. Since these are factory seconds (which have very small, practically unnoticeable blemishes) they were bargains. Doesn't the table look festive and colorful with the red tablecloth and multi-colored bowls? I made us wait to sit down so that I could get a shot! (P.S. Girl 2 wants me to tell you that she ran short of piecrust and that's why they look "funny," as she put it. No matter how they looked, they were delicious!)

Join Leila for more {phfr} fun!


  1. Your Amaryllis is lovely! I'm a little jealous as I am trying my first one and it is growing, but just barely. It is in a sunny place but at its current rate of growth, I might have a bloom by next Christmas!

  2. The pot pies look yummy! I hadn't thought to do it in fiesta ware bowls. Good idea. :)


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