Thursday, September 29, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ Sept. 29, 2011

I'm on time this week! Hurray! I think things may slow down a bit here now that the rush of starting school and Dave's installation are over. Of course, Christmas is less than three months away . . .


A storm blew through a few days ago and brought with it some pretty spectacular clouds. I wish there weren't wires going everywhere, though!


Hannah and I are working through Martin Cothran's Traditional Logic Book I. At the start of every chapter we watch the video of Mr. Cothran explaining the material, only he is . . . ahem . . . not the most riveting and engaging of teachers, bless him. Now, I have heard him give other talks where he is much more animated and interesting, so maybe it was just talking into a camera that did him in. I don't know, but I do know that after chapter 1, we decided we needed to do something with our hands to break up the monotony a bit. So Hannah got out this quilt that she's been working on for her grandparents. It's a tied quilt. Once she's finished tying it, all that's left is the binding. We took the idea ~ fabrics, color scheme, etc. ~ from a quilt we saw in an antique shop about a year ago. I'm embroidering pillowcases for Girl Out of the House and That Boy. She started them a long time ago, but they fell by the wayside, so I decided to do them for her. It makes me happy that Hannah is so capable with her hands. (So is Girl 1 but in different areas.) I think it's important that children learn how to work with their hands and feel comfortable with tools of all sorts, whether those tools are scissors, a spatula, a piano, or a hammer. It's an excellent way to give children a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that they are capable people.


Our cat Felix will sit by this door for hours on end and watch the birds and squirrels. They taunt and tantalize him, the saucy things! They know they are safe from Felix's depredations. His tail twitches and he makes hungry little sounds, but it's a hopeless cause.


Man of the House began building these shelves in the garage Labor Day weekend, and he has not been able to get back to them since. I'm hoping he can arrange for a couple free Saturdays so he can have the pleasure of finishing them . . . not for me, but for him. Spending some quality time in the garage with his tools would be very therapeutic!

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  1. Hannah quilting to logic reminds me of Kristen embroidering to commentary on the Iliad this week!

  2. Hannah sewed during the Iliad too! LOL I think she actually concentrates better if her hands are busy.

  3. Good for Hannah - it's such a pleasure to make something useful for yourself or others. A nice selection of photos!

  4. I so agree with your thoughts about working with your hands, and Hannah is the picture of contentment! Great quilt too!


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