Thursday, August 4, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ August 4, 2011


Remember this picture in which I showed you the drab color in the kitchen? Guess what? It's gone! Man of the House and I finished painting it this week, and yesterday I hung the curtain and the doo-dads on the walls. I'll elaborate on each picture as necessary.

This is what you see if you enter from the living room. We painted it with the same paint we used there for continuity. It makes for a bright, sunny room, does it not? I'll hang more plates as inspiration and inclination strike. These three are a set of Wedgwood I bought at an antique store with some Christmas money. They were $18 each, which is more than I usually spend, but they have depictions of Colonial Williamsburg on them, a place we have visited a few times and that I adore. How could I resist? The curtain is just like those in the living room. I actually ordered one too many but put it to good use here.

This shows the view down the hallway, which is not very exciting because it has wall decor still to be hung. The plates are Spode and the rack came from Michael's (half off with a coupon!).

Look at all that counter space! I had about a third of that in my old kitchen, so I really feel like I can s-p-r-e-a-d out now. It's downright luxurious!

Girl Out of the House gave me the tiles for Mother's Day awhile back. I thought over the stove was the perfect spot for them. Please ignore the fact that there is no filter on the stove hood. It doesn't matter because there is no fan! lol Man of the House has asked the church council if one could be put in. I assume we'll get a filter then, too.

And here is the eating area. We still need to paint the chalkboard on the wall and hang a few things. When that's done, I'll show you. And we need a couple more chairs and a tablecloth and . . . Oh, well, it will happen eventually. But the room is much improved from what it was, and I really like it. :-)


I can't believe I'm showing you this. It's the room off the kitchen that I guess is supposed to be the TV room, only we don't have a TV, so it'll have to be something else. We yet haven't quite decided what, *plus* it's painted in that same dreary color that used to be in the living room. So it's the current depository for unpacked boxes, painting supplies, and the other detritus of moving. But it's next on the agenda for a makeover. I'll be excited to see what it becomes!

As always, you can see more {phfr} excitment at Like Mother, Like Daughter!


  1. Oh, you're doing well! It really looks cheery! Good going.

  2. Ugh, I don't envy you. We've moved in a year ago and we STILL have boxes.

    Yellow and blue for kitchens is just about as happy as you can get. Good luck with the new digs!


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