Wednesday, August 24, 2011

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} ~ August 25, 2011


Girl of the House, who's really growing in her photography skills, took this picture. The flag shows Luther's Rose. We got it for Man of the House when he received a call to this pastorate, and it flies proudly from our patio.


Schoolbooks for the new year began arriving this week. That is always an event! Everything else is forgotten while we open the box and inspect the contents, anticipating the vast stores of knowledge and wisdom that will be absorbed in the coming months. It's almost as good as Christmas (which, by the way, is five month from today)!


I'm usually scraping the bottom of the barrel~and sometimes coming up empty~for a funny picture, but this week it was easy. We had ordered a couple chairs and they were delivered this week. Well, the truck pulled up in front of our house, but *we* were responsible for getting the chairs off the truck and into our house. He-Man of the House just hoisted them on his shoulder (one at a time) and off he went! Girl of the House took this picture, and when we looked at it, we laughed because it looks like a box with legs walking down the street!


Girl Out of the House and That Boy celebrated their second anniversary recently. In fact, they were married the same day as Man of the House and I and as my parents. They are the third generation to marry on August 8! How's that for tradition?

Aren't they sweet? They "real"ly love each other!

Join the fun at Like Mother, Like Daughter!


  1. What a beautiful anniversary tradition!

  2. Thanks, I did not need to be reminded that Christmas is only 5 months away. The box picture . . . it's Icabod Crane with a box instead of a pumpkin!

  3. Charming's Mama, not to make things worse, but I realized I was miscounting. It's really only FOUR months until Christimas. hehe


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