Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ June 30, 2011


Remember this post in which I showed you the dreary view out my kitchen window? Well, I have a new house now which has a fabulous view from the kitchen window! Look at this!

And this!

And this (taken by Girl of the House)!

One of the things I missed most while living in Appalachia was the wide open spaces of the Midwest. Those darn hills kept getting in the way of the scenery! Instead of feeling claustrophopic, I feel like I can breathe again. I missed the cornfields too and now I can see one from my backyard. *sigh of contentment*


We had a pet rabbit for four years, but there were no wild rabbits in our old neighborhood. This little guy (gal?) visits almost nightly with a few friends and relations.

Here's another backyard visitor. I've never seen robins as big as those around here!

Man of the House and I visited the only antique store in town last Saturday. Sadly, it's going out of business. Happily, everything was half-off, so we nabbed these crates for Girl of the House. Two real, gen-u-ine dairy crates and one fruit crate. She loved them! Here she is giving them a clean up. (She doesn't know I took these. Aren't I sneaky?)


Cat of the House apparently likes opera. Girl of the House was listening to a CD of famous soprano arias, and he plunked himself down right next to the CD player!

(Black cats are exceedingly difficult to photograph!)


Man of the House is painting the hallway. It and the living room were a muddy tan/green/gray-ish color that was about as appealing as cold oatmeal. As an added bonus, it sucked any and all particles of light right out of the air. I knew I couldn't survive a winter with my sanity intact with that color. We've finished with the living room (pictures of which I will show you soon!) and are on to the hallway now. We chose a subtle, cheerful yellow which has made all the difference in the living room. Here Man of the House is in the primer stage. Even that has made a huge difference!

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  1. Having been raised in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, I find myself having nearly opposite sentiments regarding the landscape. :) I miss the security of the surrounding hills. The wide open spaces of Kansas leave me feeling exposed and vulnerable. :)

    -Chris O.

  2. That's exactly how Girl of the House feels!

  3. I like your new views -- very pretty :)

  4. I live in New Jersey but grew up in Indiana. I know exactly how you feel. When ever I am in wide open spaces and cornfields I feel like I can breathe. Ahh!!!


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