Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ June 2, 2011


In the summer, the evening light is so luminous through this window over our fireplace. Look at the shadows it throws on the wall through the lace curtains. There is something about the evening light that always gives me such a feeling of contentment and well-being. I will miss this little spot when we move.


I haven't mentioned it much here, but Girl of the House has had a challenging year due to a chronic condition which became acute. She has borne it with grace and patience, and I am happier than I can say that she is a bazillion times better than she was a year ago. Thank the Lord.


This is from the same photo shoot (I use that term loosely) as my {pretty} picture. Look at the left side and you'll see our Martin and Katie Luther bobbleheads. They always make me chuckle!


And speaking of chronic conditions, Man of the House has suffered from migraine headaches for twenty years. They have truly been a thorn in his side, but over the years and through much trial and error he has learned how to squash them pretty quickly, all things considered. This is what he does: at the first sign of a migraine, he drinks a strong cup of coffee and takes two aspirin. About an hour later he drinks a dark beer. If he can get a nap, all the better, but even if he can't this combination really helps. (A midwife friend told us about it.) Man of the House discovered a few years ago that if he addds smoking a pipe to the routine, the cure works even better. So that's what he's doing here: curing his migraine! (I took this picture through the window without him knowing it.)

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  1. My grandfather was a pipe smoker and seeing that photo brings back such happy memories.

  2. Sweet post with lovely summer light. Your daughter is beautiful!

    I get migraines too and find that iced tea nd ice cream really help, particularly if it be chocolate chip :) I think crunching on cold things helps. I'm glad he found something to help him! Funny that they are all non-PC things -- smoking, caffeine, alcohol! :)

  3. LOL You should try to get a picture of him teaching a class and smoking sometime. Especially if it's Greek.


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