Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Family Culture IV

You know the drill. Whence did these quotes originate?

She’s nothing but a baby.

A ghastly looking crew!

What's it got in its pocketses?

You're a fine, steady hand.

Not very how
(in answer to inquiries about one's health and well-being)

A wizard is never late. He arrives exactly when he means to.

Gotcher conk!

Tut, tut, it looks like rain!

That's the boy for me.

I'm the most horrible! I'm the most horrible!

He jumped six inches in the air with surprise and anxiety.

Swish and flick!

I can't put my arms down!

You won't have to be mumbling with me.

I just want your opinion, your honest opinion.

Plain food and plenty of it.

Pickin' flowers
(pronounced "flawrs")

I never bawled!

Husband high
(in reference to whether or not a girl is of marriageable age)

References to Napoleon, character, the Magna Carta, or propitious occasions

How many of them did you recognize?

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