Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Culture III

Here are some more quotations from books and/or movies that we liberally sprinkle our conversation with. Can you guess where they come from?

You're a likely looking girl and have a right smart way of steppin'. I don't want no lazy woman.

No blame can be attached to him.

Capital, capital!

I don’t wanna, and I’m not gonna!

Oh, help! Oh, bother! Oh, help and bother!

It burns, precious, it burns!

Enough pills to make me rattle.

You're a fine, steady hand.

I'm a child, a child.

Keep your knees opened and closed!

That's no S-M-F-O.

It's a particular morning thing. It has to be done in the morning.

Cabbage has a cabbage smell.

That has nothing to do with me.

Sit down. That's what chairs are for.

They can’t possibly need all these trains!

Who's going to make the sums come out at the end of the month?

My poor nerves!


It's levi-OH-sa, not levio-SAH!

You'll shoot your eye out!

We think it never happen for you!

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