Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Three Guesses What This Is

As I've mentioned before, last summer Man of the House was accepted as a minister in The American Association of Lutheran Churches. Though he has served in campus ministry and as an elder in a Reformed baptist-type church, this is his first time in a liturgical tradition (which we are loving, by the way). So I have to get used to seeing odd things about the house, such as this:

Know what it is? A jar of palm ashes for use on Ash Wednesday. Man of the House needs to experiment with the proportion of oil to ashes before then. The joys of being a novice . . .


  1. So brace yourself. After Palm Sunday I'm going to increase the supply for the churches and keep some for my use wherever I am next year. They say palm branches are difficult to set on fire unless you dry them in a low-temperature oven to get them really tindery. Then I'll crumble them a bit and put them into an empty flower pot to set them on fire. Outside. Don't worry.

  2. Keep the hose ready just in case . . .

  3. Lol, you guys. Where do you even find palm branches in West Virginia?

  4. Traditionally, the palm branches from Palm Sunday are burned and used the next year for Ash Wednesday, though you can buy palm ashes ready-made. The palms for Palm Sunday have to bought somewhere, though, unless one lives in the tropics. . . which we obviously don't.

  5. Lizzie can just mail us some. :P


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