Monday, February 7, 2011

Girl of the House Turns 14

A pile of presents~

Plus a birthday pie made by Girl of the House herself~

Plus a gaggle of girls. Two specimens~

Plus warm birthday wishes~

Equals a very happy birthday!


  1. That's a nice picture of Helen. :P

  2. What presents did the birthday girl get? :)

  3. Let's see . . . from us she got a bulletin board, the two latest Connie Willis books, The Princess Bride and West Side Story on video, and a Swiss army knife. What in the world she's going to do with that I don't know, but she really wanted it, and Man of the House thought it was a good idea, so . . .

    Friends and family gave her bookstore gift cards (to three different bookstores! :-) ), and neat notebooks and pens. They sure hit the nail on the head with those gifts. Generous grandparents sent money, all of which Girl 2 opted to put in the bank.

    She seemed very pleased. :-)

  4. Cut open packages, trip candle wicks, un-do knots, and things like that with it. ;)


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