Friday, January 28, 2011

On My Mind

Brenda at Down to Earth has started a new Friday feature called "On My Mind" in which participants share something they are thinking about today. Here's my contribution:

The nice man in the brown truck delivered two highly diverting packages this week. One contained fabric for making dishtowels and dustcloths! The selvedges are finished so all I have to do is cut the length I want, hem both ends, and I've got a nifty new cloth. Girl of the House has some too for her hope chest, and I have more than enough to save for later and for giving. is having a terrific sale. (Thanks to Like Mother, Like Daughter for the link.)

We ordered our garden seeds early to take advantage of another terrific sale at Henry Field's. I plan to plant lettuce indoors in window boxes on our back porch and keep it going year round. Maybe I won't have to buy anymore lettuce. When we want some, we'll just go pick some. Think it'll work?


  1. If you have a very sunny window that gets morning sun you might get some lettuce to grow in the window in the wintertime. I've never had much luck though. I see you are in Appalachia..I'm smack dab in the middle of KY.

  2. The back porch does get a fair amount of sun. The herbs did well there, so I'm hoping the lettuce will too. It's definitely an experiment, so we shall see! Thanks for visiting! :-)


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