Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pleasures of the Winter Kitchen

The calendar says it's the first day of December, and the weather agrees! On this first truly cold day there have even been snow flurries! Since we traveled for Thanksgiving (hence the long silence) we haven't decorated for Christmas yet. The big push will come this weekend, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you my "Twelve Pleasures of the Winter Kitchen," based on Susan Hill's list in her delightful Through the Kitchen Window.

My list~~

Soups and stews bubbling in the slow cooker or in a big pot on the stove.

The kettle whistling for tea and hot chocolate.

Fruitcake hidden away, waiting for Christmas.

Pancakes with real maple syrup and butter for supper.

The geranium on the window sill that blooms because it doesn't realize it's cold out!

The bare tree in the distance silhouetted against the twilight sky while I cook dinner.

The extra warmth generated by the stove.

The aroma of bread, brownies, or cookies baking.

Cupboards and pantries full to overflowing with food stored in case of winter storms.

Warming hands in a sinkful of hot, soapy water.

Beans soaking overnight for baked beans the next day.

The gleam of firelight and candlelight on dishes as we eat dinner.

Though I enjoy cooking all year round, cooking in the winter is especially satisfying. I prefer cooking winter foods to summer foods, and it makes the house especially cozy when there are yummy things cooking that take a long time. What are some things you enjoy about your kitchen in winter?

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  1. I lost the link to your blog with my computer move. Glad I subscribed!

    Like you, I love making soups and bread. Winter food is much more satisfying than summer food (plus, the stove keeps the apartment warm).

    I also like candles! :) I'm burning a hazelnut cream one right now.


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