Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Man of the House likes fruitcake, and in twenty-three years of wedded bliss I've never made him any. Shame on me! This year I decided to give it a whirl. I used this recipe (Christmas Wreath) from Living on a Dime. At first I thought that the ingredients were going to cost a packet for just a cake, but I decided Man of the House is worth it. As it turns out, the recipe actually made two and I have enough for two more! Here's a picture of the cakes in all their glory:

Now they are safely stored away to season until Christmas. (Is that just a fancy word for "to get stale"?)

Making fruitcakes reminds me of my favorite scene from my favorite episode of All Creatures Great and Small~~series 2, episode 14, "Merry Gentlemen." I don't think my Christmas cake can rival Mrs. Hewison's, though. Alas. (Begin about 7:10 and then finish the scene in the next video.)

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