Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sick Day=Shakespeare Day

Girl of the House didn't feel too well today. She has trouble with reflux at times, and today was one of those days. Since I knew when I was planning the schoolyear that there would be days like this, I prepared. Last summer I bought two copies of the Oxford School Shakespeare Edition of Henry V, the corresponding ArkAngel CD set, and the Kenneth Branagh version of the play on DVD to have on hand when needed. Girl of the House propped herself on the couch and we listened and read along. I like the Oxford School Editions because they include notes on the text, discussion questions, and the like. This is the fourth Shakespeare play that we've gotten under our belts this way: read and listen to the play and then watch a movie version. . . or two. . . or three. It's been a successful method for us. By her own admission Girl of the House loves Shakespeare. I can't complain about that! And as long as she's not too miserable to do even this much, the day is not a total loss. In fact, I think it's a day well spent. If she's still not feeling well tomorrow we'll continue. If she is, we'll pick it up next time she's under the weather.

To whet your appetite, here is Kenneth Branagh's inspiring rendition of the St. Crispin's Day speech. It sends shivers up my spine!

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