Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Trip to Indiana

Our trip to Indiana was for more than just fun, though we did have some of that too. Man of the House, who has been thinking of entering pastoral ministry for the past twenty-five years, was being interviewed by the Clergy Commission of the American Association of Lutheran Churches. I'm happy to say that he passed his interview, and the entire application process, with flying colors and has been accepted into the Rostered (or is it Registered?) Licensed Lay Pastor program. He'll continue taking classes through the American Lutheran Theological Seminary (he began this spring) and will be placed in a church under the supervision of another pastor. The entire process will result in a master's degree (his second) and ordination as a full-fledged minister in the AALC in five to seven years. He has already been approached about taking a church in Ohio (yea~the Midwest!), teaching Greek in the seminary, and editing the denominational magazine. So it looks like a move is inevitable, but the timing is still up in the air. We appreciated any and all prayers that the Lord will guide us through this process!

While Man of the House attended the AALC convention, Girl of the House and I did some shopping (fabric and books) and sightseeing. Before the convention began, we all three went to the delightful and enjoyable Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. We rode the Sky Safari (a ski lift type ride that offers a view of almost the entire zoo) and the log ride. Here are some pictures from the Sky Safari:

Jellyfish fascinate me:

A kangaroo as seen from the log ride:

Later in the week Girl of the House and I went to Science Central. While it's not as big and elaborate as the St. Louis Science Center we still enjoy it.

Girl of the House being all hands-on:

A model of the Hubble Space Telescope:

I always wanted to be an astronaut! (Oops! It's sideways!)

If you ever get to Fort Wayne, be sure to visit Hyde Bros. Used Books. It's a glorious place to get lost in. And there's even a cat! The shop is crowded but well-organized. I think I could easily spend a whole day there.

At Hancock's Fabrics we bought some brown sueded fabric for a skirt for Girl of the House, and I bought a remnant or two for the quilt I am going to make this summer. I'll show you pictures when they get made.

All in all, the trip was fun and profitable. After all, Man of the House is one
large step closer to his dream!

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