Friday, July 9, 2010

House Tour--Bathroom

At long last, pictures of our one-and-only bathroom! In the five places wherein we have dwelt for the 23 years minus one month that Man of the House and I have been married, we have had only bathroom. It hasn't been so bad with the just the four of us. A little creative scheduling usually gets us all in there as needed, though sometimes there is a bit of a pile up when we are going to be out and about. One time, a family of eight visited us and since we were going to the park, we all wanted to make a pit stop first. Talk about a pile up! But they were very patient and gracious. In fact, they were used to taking turns since they only have one bathroom too.

It's a pretty small room with a lot of angles, so it was hard to get decent pictures. I couldn't get a sweeping panorama because a long, skinny room is not conducive to good photography. I did my best.

Here's what you see as you come in and look a little to the left. I like shower curtains better than glass doors because they add some color and interest and they are easier to keep clean than glass doors.

Keep looking to your left and you see the sink, window, medicine cabinet, etc.

Another view:

I bought this wicker shelf at a rummage sale about 15 years ago for $2. It's been painted white, pink, and now gold. It's really served its purpose well. The picture on the right is a souvenir my mother brought me from Prince Edward Island showing Green Gables.

This porcelain penguin is another gift from my mother. Though she bought it in Hungary (I think!), it's stamped "USSR" on the bottom, which I think is neat since that nation no longer exists.

Proof positive that the shelf is hung above the toilet. This is the best picture of our toilet that you are going to get. I'm not into taking pictures of toilets and posting them on the internet.

If you close the door and stand under the window, this what you see at the other end:

The curtain on the window is not really a curtain at all. It's made of three cloth napkins! Ta-da! I couldn't find a curtain I liked, so I just draped these over the rod instead.

I cannot describe to you the utter and complete ugliness of this bathroom when we first moved here. Words fail me. Oh, the brown paneling! The worn out vinyl flooring! The dingy tub! The whole room was drab and dreary and depressing. The paneling is still there, but it got painted a nice warm ivory, and the floor has been redone twice, to say nothing of the installation of a new tub and shower enclosure. I think the painted paneling gives it a nice, cottage-y look. Here's the newest flooring:

I do love the big vanity. It's got lots of room to store toiletries and keep them out of sight.

It's not a luxurious bathroom by any means. There are no garden tubs, heated towel racks, or dressing tables, but it's been all we need. I think we all just ought to be thankful we don't have to use something like this:

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my bathroom! Next up: Man of the House's office (formerly, Girl Out of the House's bedroom).

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