Saturday, May 1, 2010

House Tour--Living Room

Let's continue the house tour with the living room.

This is what you see as you come in the front door. We replaced our monster grand piano with this little dwarf version because it will be so much easier to move whenever that time should come.

If you look to your left, you see this staircase. Man of the House says this staircase is eminently suitable for a man in his position in life, being neither too narrow nor too steep.

Then if you turn around, you see our front door. There aren't really aliens landing in our front lawn. That glow is just the sunshine.

Look to your right, and you'll see this. The house isn't really crooked, but my camera angle was.

Here's our couch. Looks like someone actually sat on it!

And our coffee table. The pewter candlesticks (which you can hardly see because I'm a dismal photographer) were a gift from my mother and are some of my favorite things in my house. That little violin is 1/10th size and sounds like a cheap plastic toy from the dollar store.

This is a piece of embroidery that my grandmother's friend did for her and my grandfather just after they were married in 1928. She gave it to Girl of the House when we visted her at Christmastime in 2009. She died the next April. This is one of my favorite things too. Though it's Girl of the House's, she was happy for me to hang it in the living room. The threads are faded and the fabric is yellowed, but that makes it all the better to me. (Sorry it's so blurry! As I said, I'm a dismal photographer!)

Here are the crowning glories of our living room~~our Martin and Katie Luther bobbleheads:

And here are some random shots just because I like them:

Thank you for visiting!


  1. You should've said that there WERE aleans* in the front yard!

    *I did spell it right. Olivia and I made a new spelling for it. ;)

  2. LOL That would have been something!

  3. I like the new piano. I bet you have so much space there now!

    btw, I finally caved in and started a blog. You're mentioned in the post. =)

  4. I was a little sad to see the old one go, but this one serves our purposes, and you're right~there is a lot more room now.

  5. You were the one who used it the most, Lizzie. :P It was your piano mostly.

  6. I like your livingroom! What a fun and cozy place. The bobbleheads are hilarious!


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