Monday, May 10, 2010

House Tour--Dining Room

Let's continue on the house tour with the dining room.

Here is the view as you enter from the living room. There are double French doors in between which we keep open most of the time, so the living and dining rooms together make a quite large, open space. We don't have space in the kitchen for a table and chairs, so this is where we eat all our meals.

Now here are some close-ups. The first is of the parlor organ that my grandmother gave me when she moved out of her house and into her apartment. I like it because it isn't too big. I have many memories of my sisters and me playing it when we were little.

And a close-up of the organ. The lamp and gargoyle were gifts from Girl out of the House, and the candlesticks were another gift from my grandmother given to me a few months before she died.

See this blue bookcase? This bookcase has lived in just about every room in our house, serving us well. In fact, we have another just like it, except white, in Girl of the House's room.

That's where I keep the books I use for teaching my classes, plus a few other sundries, like my Treasury of Daily Prayer. Girl of the House's school happens in the dining room, so we keep her current schoolbooks on the bottom shelf. That also explains the whiteboard in the corner. Can you resist looking at the bookshelves in other people's houses? I can't, so here's a peep at mine:

On top of the bookcase are a few blocks that Man of the House's mother played with when she was little. She told us they were old when she played with them. She was going to throw them away~~throw them away, I tell you!~~when she and Man of the House's father were moving, so I asked if I could have them. I like to think of how many generations have played with them over the years, including any little visitors who come to our house now. :-)

The looooong mantle is difficult to know what to do with. I bought the banners at Walmart when we first moved in as an inexpensive temporary fix until I could find something better, but fourteen and a half years later, here they still are. lol I'll show you the mantle in two separate shots. It extends the full length of the wall. The built-ins hold my good china, Christmas dishes, soup tureens, crystal, plus some odds and ends. We are not getting a close-up of them because . . . well . . . ahem . . . they are raaawwwther dusty.

The red chair in the corner? Well. . . I trash picked it. Yes, I'm a trash picker. Our garage is full right now of chairs and a small table I've picked up by the side of the road waiting to be fixed up and painted. I'm amazed by what some people throw away!

We bought the ship in Williamsburg, VA. It says it's the Mayflower, but I have my doubts as too its authenticity. Still, it looks good there, yes?

The daisies are a gift from our neighbor. She plans functions for the local university and brought these to us after an event. I've been longing for some daisies! How did she know?

This is Girl of the House working on math. I couldn't resist posting this picture. She doesn't know I took it because she was so engrossed in her math, not her favorite subject! lol Isn't she cute?

Thank you for visiting! Next up~~the kitchen!

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  1. Wow, Hannah looks somewhat enthralled in her math - go figure!

    Also, I'm a trash picker, too. It's nice living in an apartment complex where people get kicked out frequently. We found one of our chairs there (it was wobbly, but Justin fixed it with some screws and three minutes), and also a very nice recliner at the same time. The upholstery is pretty terrible, but eventually I'll get a slip-cover for it, and that's so much cheaper than buying a chair of that quality ourselves! I guess you'll get to see all that this weekend, though.


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