Wednesday, April 21, 2010

House Tour--Flowers

Let’s take a tour of my house, beginning with my flowers. (You can really tell where my priorities are!)

These are pansies I planted in a Maxwell House coffee can that was too pretty to throw away:

I just planted eight pots of red geraniums to go all around my porch railing. They're not very full yet, but the spirea bush in the background is huge and full of blooms:

I planted three pots of pansies for our porch steps. I always use clay pots. I much prefer them to plastic, especially the plastic ones that pretend to be clay.

Next up, my front garden. We have this tiny space between the sidewalk and our front porch that is a perfect spot for a garden.

In the sideyard are wild violets and strawberries. I won't let the boy who mows our grass mow this patch of ground until the violets are gone. I can never understand how people can so ruthlessly mow down their violets!

In the backyard, columbine, azaleas, and more pansies. One can never have enough pansies!

And just for fun, here's peep at my porch:

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my flowers!


  1. I love your flowers!! They are gorgeous. My daughter planted a few pansies outside for us yesterday (pansies are one of my favorites); however, it is too cold to plant much of anything else. I will have to wait until around May 15th which is our considered our last frost date. Thanks again for showing yours.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed them, and I'm happy to see you here. :-)


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